Monday, May 22, 2017

+5 Creative Badassery or Look at me, look at me

So after months and months of brainstorming and discarding one idea after the next, the early morning and late nights and cancelled lunch date to hit word count goals. You kept the writing appointments you made to yourself and abused the thesaurus, the dictionary, the world atlas, and Google. Riding the creative roller coaster from the depth of self-doubt, to the high of “I’m a genius,” you finally have written “The End.”

Now what?

Well, you frickin' celebrate of course! And then you either make quick revisions or go straight to the curing, where you leave your baby alone for a month or so and distract yourself with something else. Reschedule those lunch date, plan a hike, go and live that beautiful life so you can have something else to write about.

You’ll probably have a period of let down, where you won’t know what to do with your newfound time. Read a book, go on a staycation, or binge watch a series on Netflix. This too is part of the writing process. This is time where your brain gets to rest, where the new ideas will come to find you. Jot down notes, lots of notes and explore the rabbit holes later. But don’t let your break last forever. There is still work to do and this is the calm before the editing/revision storm.

You have done what others have set out and failed to do. You have written a manuscript! Congratulations, word slayer. What a wild ride and you lived to tell the gory tale. Get a t-shirt so the world can bask in your glory.
Seriously, go. Now.