Sleepless nights, lots of caffiene, and a little magic went into creating the stories below. As my brain does not have an off switch, more information on manuscripts and writing creations will be updated as they start to live on paper.
The Puppet Mistress Trilogy (fantasy)
Book One: The Puppet Mistress  
Seventeen year old, Vaila Grayson is the reigning national video game champion. She thinks she’s bested a top secret prototype only to discover she’s left with two options: complete the game with no saves, resets, or continues, or die trying.

Book Two: Severed Strings 
(currently under revision)
Vaila Grayson, and her video character knight, Cenric Alva may have survived their latest boss battle, but that is the least of their worries. With their souls intertwined with each other, if Cenric dies he’s taking Vaila down with him. But that’s if they survive the love growing between them first.

Book Three: Threads of Light                          
(25% complete)
This final book leads Vaila down a road of despair and hard fought triumph to fulfill an ancient destiny laid down before her.

Blood of The Taurus Ring Trilogy (fantasy)

Book One: Blood of the Taurus Ring (currently in revision)

Kirashena "Kira" Sidorova kows her future consists of marrying a man she doesn't love. What she doesn't expect is the magic and mythical creatures that make up the homeland of her betrothed. Using her exceptional language skills, Kira is drawn to an ancient book and soon discovers she can weild the devastating enchantment held within its pages.

     One night Kira is kidnapped and taken far from her husband's protection. Lost in a strange land with nothing but magic as a weapon, Kira is forced to adapt. But the more spells she conjurs, the quicker she leaved behind the girl she believed she was. For inside Kira, a sinister energy blooms, forcing her toward a transformation from which she may never return.

Other Works In Progress

Book Two: Shroud of Echoes (planning stages)

Blessed (fantasy) 5% complete