About Me

Nicole discovered her love of storytelling in 5th grade when her teacher assigned a doodle to spelling words. She received the maximum points for the number of spelling words appearing in the stories.
At ten years old, she had an entire series about a wheel-chair bound girl named Samone. 

Poetry love emerged two years later, complete with awful rhyme schemes and fluffy subject matter.
But thankfully, much has matured since then.

An alumnus of Adams State College and The College of St. Scholastica, this military brat married her college sweetheart and has tried to move out of Colorado ever since. A lay about dog and curious toddler currently occupy their home.

Presently, Nicole is obsessed with the freedom that accompanies the salsa beats of Zumba, thoroughly enjoys the food challenges on the Food Network, and had to come out of poetry retirement to return to that love of words and all things that rhyme with a purpose. 
Publishing credits/awards include:
“Trippin” – poem
Genesis: Adams State College literary & arts magazine (2001)
“Rebellion” – short story
Genesis: Adams State College literary & arts magazine (2002)
*Finalist -Second Place
“Commitment” – short story
Out of Words: The Literary & Artistic Journal of the College of St. Scholastica
2002-2003; Volume 7