Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun and Fancy Free Verse or Exploring My Softer Side

Aha, you say, a free verse poem is not a rarity like the other poems you’ve presented, Nicki. Yes, you are right, but for the beginner poet, free verse can be the easiest form to write.

There is no rhyme scheme, no meter, no sense of a rigid mold into which you must cram your work of art.
The popular practice of free verse poems date back to 19th Europe, in
particular, France. Free verse is a very organic poem based on natural breaks in speech, the intensity of your mood, or just how you want the words to appear on the page.

This form can start out as an exercise in prose that is broken up to create poetic lines and phrasing. Free verse, for me, is like writing in a diary. A place to cleanse my soul…or whatever. To read an excellent example of free verse poems, check out Hilda Doolittle, Allen Ginsberg, John Ashberry, Sylvia Plath, and Frank O'Hara, just to name a few. There are many more poets worthy of mention, but you'd be here all day. Not that I mind.

While I am a dark poet, I do have a romantic, sensitive side. Here is a poem I wrote in college, exploring that cautious adventure of falling in love.

Secret Serenade

They breathed softly in the words you nervously stuttered
   In the longing glance that your eye shyly gave
   In the touch that made m tremble

The whispers of your buried secrets
Singing the lyric that your heart once guarded
The tender song that you wished to keep still

Melodies of sun-soaked laughter transition
Into moon-laced walks of harmony
A sweet chorus that danced freely through your kiss.

Embedded in silken ruby leaves
Lay a symphony of secrets
Revealing that you are  



       deep within your heart’s embrace
       deeper inside the music of your soul
       deeply in love

And since I can't keep well enough alone, here a bonus poem for your reading pleasure.


would you believe me if the words never came?
if they trembled on my slippery tongue
hoping that the thread of my breath
would pass them
and leave them untouched


of the abduction: a painful seizure
that would transport to your ear
the components of unrequited adoration. 


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