Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lost and Found or A Poem I Didn't Intend to Write

A Found poem can be a list, pieces of conversation, or newspaper articles — something that has a poetic tone or elicits the same emotional response as a poem. If the original intent of your Found poem is to be poetic, then it is not true.
The beauty of this form is that you find a treasure amidst the clutter of your life. Also, there is no altering (adding, deleting, or omitting) this poem. To keep it in its pure form is to stay true to the heart of the Found.
My Found came from a short story I wrote. Reading down the left margin, I used the 1st word of every line. This is the result:


You know, World
Perfectionism befriends children

Your insides scream your name
Shut up.
Ignore it.
Tired of perfect.

We all want that.
Learn from  vixen smiles and
Smoky cold sentences

Ambition loves you
Away from disappointment
Slurred secrets in someone’s yard
Don’t matter

Impurity picks you up
Frantically dissolving innocence
Rebellion crawled under her eyes and
Sat next to me
Can you see a silver lining?

What have you "Found" lately?


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